Volvo V40 Event Promotion Mobile App

Event Exibition Mobile App

Volvo V40 Car Show in Shanghai

Event Promotion Mobile App

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Mobile App for Promotion

For every successful campaign or event, there must be some gimmick. A talking point is needed in order to attract the attention of a lot of people. Tradition advertisement on newspaper, magazine or television may not be enough nowadays. 

Nowadays, with the popularity of mobile phone, people spend more and more time on their phones. Thanks to the development of mobile app ecosystem, people now do a lot of things on their mobile phone. They could browse website, play games, use whatsapp or facebook on their phone. It would be a good idea of the promotion of an event can also be done on the phone. Together with the widespread popularity of social media platform like facebook, wechat, sina, etc. Your promotion could be very much leveraged with the help of both side of the world. That is, app and social. A Mobile App offering something interesting helps to ignite and the social media helps to spread the message. That is what viral marketing means.

Development of Volvo V40 Mobile App

We helped to build this mobile app in iOS and Android for the Volvo V40 launch expo in Shanghai. The Mobile App uses AR (augmented reality) technique showing the V40 when mobile phone moves. A camera capture is superimposed on top of the AR. This will form an interesting portrait of the user with flying V40s at the back. What’s more?  The visitors to the exhibition could share the photo on weibo. Then he could show off to their friends, and get a chance for a lucky draw too! The new play in AR together with power of social media helps to advertise the campaign and event, in a viral manner.

Volvo V40 Mobile App
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