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Babelland was founded in 2004 in Hong Kong. We are a team of young persons are passionate in doing IT works that look wonderful and great. We have solid experience in computer coding, enhancing database efficiency, improving user-friendly interface and coming up with creative works. We understand that your business needs does not simply need a website, but you need a good website, with appealing design, clear and easy to understand layout, good contents and mobile-friendly website. We are the one whom can help you with the task, as we would rather spend the time and energy on doing something useful for you, than making rubbish you don’t like or we don’t feel great.

Our Services


Development and Renovation

· Responsive websites
· Tailor-made backend system
· Corporate website

Mobile App

Design & Development

· iOS and Android
· Native, HTML and Hybrid
· Server side integration
· Backend system

Facebook App

Fanpage campaign promotion

· New product launch
· Brand awareness strategy
· Promotional events


Production, Sending & Engagement Reporting

· Featured articles
· Corporate news
· New product promotion

IT Solution

Design, Implementation & Integration

· Hardware and Software
· Client, Server and Database
· Multiple Systems Integration

IT Maintenance

Office Computer & Server Maintenance

· Advancing your computers, network, equipments, servers, backups & updates



Babelland was established in Hong Kong in 2004. We are a group of young people who are passionate about advancing IT both externally and internally.

We have many years of experience in computer coding, improving database efficiency, improving user-friendly interfaces and developing creative works. A great business needs not just a website, but one with an appealing design, a clear and understandable layout, well-organised content, and a mobile-friendly interface.

We believe Babelland can help you get the job done, as we dedicate 110% of our time and effort into creating effective outcomes for you.

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