Matching Game Mobile App

Matching Game Mobile App

Educational Game for youngsters

Matching Game Mobile App

Mobile App

Mini Game for Kids

This Mobile App Game is an interactive mini-game enhancing young pre-school children’s memory.

One can improve memorization skills by drill exercise. However, this would be very boring for young children. As more and more young children are get used to the mobile phone, it would be a great idea to have an interesting game on the mobile phone which could train their memorization skill. This is the objective for the creation of this Matching Game.

With the wonderful graphics, attractive multimedia and interesting interaction, the children could have fun, enjoy and love playing the game.

Development of Mini Game for Kids

In this Matching Game, there are three levels of game play. Easy Level is the easiest involving the least number of cards to match (12 cards, i.e. 6 pairs). Normal Level is the intermediate level, it has 16 cards (i.e. 8 pairs of cards). The Hard Level is the most difficult, it has 20 cards (i.e. 10 pairs of cards). 

In the game, funny animals cartoons are used to enhance young child’s concentration, memorization and cognitive skill. Eye-catching artworks, lively animations and sound effects bring a lot of fun when the children play the game. 

Two versions are created: lite version for free download, and full version (with full functionality) for purchase.

Even though the user could use mobile phone (iPhone) or tablet (iPad) to run the app, designer created the graphics and layout especially for tablet size. It is because the size of the cards will be much larger, and the children will find it much easier to clicks on on the correct cards.

Matching Game Interactive Education Mobile App
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