Flash Cards Mobile App

Flash Cards Mobile App

Teaching youngsters new words

Flash Cards Mobile App

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Learning with an Education Mobile App

Flash Cards Mobile App is an education mobile app teaching young pre-school children English and Chinese words.

As mobile phone is more popular, we could carry out learning or education very easily on the mobile phone nowadays. We do not need to attend a class, we could install a mobile app, run the app and start the learning immediately. With the wonderful graphics, attractive multimedia and interesting interaction, they love to play the app and thus enhance their language ability. It is something that a mobile app can offer when compared with traditional paper flash cards.
Design and Development

The Flash Cards Mobile App uses lively animations and cute artworks to arouse young child’s interest. 

There are bilingual (Putonghua and English) sounds for the words on the cards. What’s more? There is a unique feature in the app that mum or dad can record with his/her own voice for the words. Most children will burst into laughter when they suddenly hear your voice on the App. It also helps to enhance your child’s sense of humour, with your creativity of course!

At the end of each of the flash cards series, there is a random test for the children to see if he/she has got the knowledge right. The sound of a word will be played first, and 5 different images will be shown. He/she will have to select which one represent the sound just played.

The Lite version contains one set of flash cards. The user could pay to unlock the other series of flash cards. 

Flash Cards Education Mobile App
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