Canon ImagineNation Event Marketing Mobile App

Canon ImagineNation

Mobile App for Event Marketing

Canon ImagineNation Event Marketing Mobile App

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Needs for Event Marketing

Nearly everyone has a mobile phone nowadays, most with mobile data access as well.  The usefulness of an Event Marketing Mobile App becomes more trivial, as it does not requires the user to remember or bookmark your website. Moreover, it can send notifications when there is something new you are interested. It can also alert you for an event you have marked to attend. These have not been able to archive in a convention website.

What’s more? We could think of a lot of interesting gimmicks which are new to the potential visitors. This helps very much to attract them joining the event. In the end, who would like to join a boring event without much surprise?

Development of Canon ImagineNation

We helped to build this specialized mobile app for the Canon Expo event held in Hong Kong for its 40th ‎Anniversary. It has iOS and Android version. It supports iPad, iPhone, Android and Tablet. With a smart and clear floor map shown in the app, it helps to guide the user enjoying the different sections of the Expo. 

There is a special lucky draw incorporated into. They will need to visit all the 9 checkpoints at 9 different sections. They could collect stamps there by scanning the QR code. Once they collect all the stamps, the visitors could join a lucky draw for special prize. This makes the visitors more involved and enjoyed. 

There is a product listing section in the app, where the canon products, both standard one and the limited version one are being listed. We also helped to develop the back-end server side Content Management System, so the administrator could put the the most up-to-date information about the release of product at the time desired. Thus creating another kind of gimmicks.

Through the app, the user is able to get the latest news, products information and their availability in the venue. All these creative elements echo the theme of the Expo, giving the visitor a journey to an Imagine Nation.

Canon ImagineNation Event Marketing Mobile App in Map View
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