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Baby 123 Learning Mobile App

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Learning on Mobile App

Learning is most effective through playing, especially for youngsters. In the old days, children learn by reading books, attending lesson in person. As mobile phones are more and more popular, the function of a mobile phone is more powerful as well. Nowadays, mobile phone can play audio and video without any technical difficulties. Mobile apps are developed by developers so we can install and execute them in the mobile phone. When done with Mobile App, a lot of fun can be incorporated, such as animations, graphics, multimedia, and game elements.

Development of Baby 123

Little Beans has been selling products for children. We helped Little Beans to create this educational mobile app for young children, thus helping them to foster the idea of counting. Through the interesting cartoons figures, cute animations and relaxing music, the concept in counting is easily conveyed and absorbed in the young children’s mind.

The app is especially targeted on iPad, and young children will find the size of mobile phone too small. Thus they find tablet size is much easier to interact with the mobile app.

We made the sounds and animations as well throughout the app to make it more fun to interact with. What’s more, there is a free version and a paid version for a full set of game play.

Baby 123 Mobile App Splash Screen
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