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Responsive Website

UR-TACTICAL is selling tactical gears and accessories online for more than 10 years. They have customers worldwide. Back to 10 years ago, their customer mainly used desktop PC to browse their website. However, their habit changed with the popularity of mobile phone. Nowadays, they use mobile phone to browse webpage more frequently. Thus UR-TACTICAL need to redesign their website, so their customer could read comfortably in both  desktop browser or mobile phone browser.

Responsive Website means the website will automatically relayout its content according to the size of the browser. The texts and images could appear in a natural and comfortable way. (not too small and not too large). There is no need to create a separate website for mobile browser. There is no need to use different hyperlink. One website server for both desktop and mobile user.  Most of the website we develop nowadays are responsive. Online store requires responsive website too, as the customer will have hesitation to place an order if they are not reading easily and happily.

E-Commerce Online Shopping
The new revamped website contains the online shopping cart, supporting both online payment (such as Paypal) and offline payment (payment settled manually by bank-in or T/T). The web administrator could manage the stock of each of the products. When the stock for a particular product item is sold out (or is lower than a certain preset level), the product is no long available for purchase. Shipping is very important for Online Shopping. It involves calculating the shipping cost, which may be different from courier or standard airmail. The administrator could monitor the status of each transaction. They get alert when the customer made a purchase and made a payment. So they could prepare for the delivery of goods. Invoicing and reporting is also available. Thus online shop owners could easily manage their online store with the use of our development of the online store.
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