Taxi Headrest Advertisement System

Taxi Headrest Advertisement System

Embedded Android

Taxi Advertisement System on Headrest LCD

Embedded Android, System, Server, Backend, Reporting

Client: Motion Power

In-vehicle Advertisement

TV commercials is losing its dominance as  nowadays people spend less time sitting in front of the TV. In contrast, the time we spend on travel is a golden opportunities for commercials, where the passengers are confined inside the taxi cab with nothing nothing particular to do.

Traditionally there is advertisement in paper or sticker inside taxi. Yet, it is less effective in attracting the attention of the passenger than a  video displaying on a LCD display with sound and effect.

Development of Motion Power Taxi Ads System

We helped Motion Power to develop the new version of Taxi Headrest Ads System. It is a system which consists of the in-taxi hardware unit and the central server system. The central server will broadcast the movie/advertisement clips and playlists to all the taxi hardware through the wireless network.

The LCD will show the ads clips accordingly to the instruction set at the central server when the passenger get on the taxi. In addition, the device will log down the time, location of each advertisement shown and the passenger’s interaction (such as switching off the LCD, muting the sound). Finally the device will send  these data will be sent back to central server. 

The system administrator will make use of the data gathered to generate the advertisement report for the advertiser clients. The clients can evaluate the performance of their ads by checking the time viewed by the passengers, whether they switched off the LCD or not. Did they reduce the volume of the LCD, etc. The system successfully deliver up-to-date information and merchants’ commercials to the taxi passenger, thus creating a new advertisement channel.

Taxi Headrest Advertisement Showing News report
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