Property Agency Mobile App

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Property Agency Mobile App

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Property Listing for Property Agency

Property Agency is an industry full of dynamics. The one who can convey latest information to clients quickly and efficiently enjoy a much bigger chance of closing deals. 

Traditionally, property agents will have call their prospect one by one on their directory list. They will say hello and then update the latest market news or latest property listing. However, they may disturb the prospect if the prospect is busy at the moment. In addition, calling could be a nuisance if the agent is calling often. Yet, this does not mean the prospect do not wish to get the news. They just want to get the list at the time they are free and convenient. 

Nowadays most people carry a mobile phone. Thus it is a great solution to use mobile app to communicate with the prospect. A solution enabling this with no requirement on technical details will definitely increase the chance of winning the competitors.

Development of Property King (Property Agency Solution)

Property King (推盤皇) is service which offers  mobile app with backend system solution to property agency at a monthly subscription fee. The agent can simply enter the latest property for sale or for rent on the backend system via any browser on any computer. In addition, a notification will be sent to all their clients using the mobile app upon pressing the ‘broadcast’ button on the backend. Therefore, there is no disturbance as they can read the information at any time they are free. 

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