Aural Training Mobile App

Aural Training Mobile App

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Aural Training Mobile App

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Aural Training Mobile App

Aural test is a part of ABRSM music exam. Traditionally music students will ask their teachers to help them practicing. However, students usually find aural training difficult to master, as they have not done enough mockup exercises. Thus we helped Teresa Wong’s Studio to build this Aural Training Mobile App to help students taking ABRSM music easily. So they could easily equip better for examination even without his/her teacher sitting around.

Mobile Apps to Help

In this Aural Training Mobile App, the music students can practice aural test themselves on the mobile phone. They can train their accuracy on tempo and pitch by first listening to the music section twice, and then recording their voice or instrument play. With a database consisting of over hundred of questions, the students can practice their aural ability as often as they wish. It helps to save their cost too because they do not need to attend lesson to do so.

The app consists of three parts: Part A: Sing or Play, Part B: Sight-Singing and Part C: Music Appreciation. There is a Progress Sheet as well to understand how well the user participated in the exercise.

The app is designed with an elegant classical style. This is to have the same feeling as classical music.

Forget to mention, we helped to create the Traditional Chinese version and an English version. There is also an “Aural Training Lite” version, which is a free version for a preview of the Full version.

Aural Training Grade 5 Mobile App (English)
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