“Google Drive” has been widely used for sharing large files with clients or collaborators. It has 15G free cloud storage space. 15G may seems a lot at the beginning, but when you use it for sharing large files like Adobe Illustrator (.AI), Photoshop (.PSD), you will soon find it is not enough.

There is a plan for an extra 85G space, at a cost of  HK$15 per month. I have subscribed that as well, as having $180 a year for 100GB space is a no-brainer.

Recently Google announce that they will phase out the “Google Drive For Windows” and “Google Drive For Mac” in 2018. Some of my clients are in a panic. Does that means there will be no more synchronization of folders between your computer and Google Drive?

Actually there is a replacement of the “Google Drive App” by the “Backup an Sync”. It does exactly what the “Google Drive for Mac” or “Google Drive for Windows” does, and far more. For example, you may backup the photos on a particular folder of your local computer to Google Drive.



Installing this “Google Backup and Sync” is easy. Just download the program from https://www.google.com/drive/download/ and install. It will automatically remove the old “Google Drive” App (if you have installed before).